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The Personal Information takes care of what others will see about you when they receive e-mail from you, as well as other personal preferences.

see the following chart for configuring your personal settings:

Term/Setting What it Sets/Changes
LanguageChanges the displayed language of Open Webmail
CharsetChanges the Character Set of the e-mail (recommended to leave as it is)
TimeZone OffsetSets the time zone difference from Greenwich time (Click the Earth/Clock icon for a time zone map)
FromThe display the receiver of the e-mail will see in the From header
Reply-toThe address that the receiver will reply to (if he/she replies)
AutoreplyAn automatic reply to your received e-mails
SubjectThe subject line of the autoreply (recommended to leave as is)
Autoreply TextThe message of the autoreply (must be 500 characters/digits or less in length)
SignatureAn e-mail signature that will be automatically entered into every new message you create.

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