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Miscellaneous Options
The Miscellaneous Options group together a number of settings that do not necessarily fit together in one group or category of settings.

Miscellaneous Options Reference Chart:

Term/Setting What it Sets/Changes
NewMail Sound NotificationPlays a sound at the arrival of a new incoming e-mail
Use RegEx in...Use Regular Expressions for the Search and the FilterRule
Hide folder internal dataHides the internal data of the folder
Dictionary for Spell CheckThe default dictionary to be used when checking the spelling of a message (This can be changed "On the Fly")
Trash mail reserved day(s)Number of days to retain e-mails in the "Trash" folder. After the number of specified days, the "Trash" folder will be emptied
Session TimeoutMaximum allowed time to be logged into Open Webmail without action
Refresh IntervalNumber of minutes to wait between checking for new mail.
Newmail Window NotificationNumber of seconds for New Mail Notification Pop-up Window to remain on the screen.  Set to "0" to switch the newmail window off.

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